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  • Non surgical cosmetic treatments for men and women. Private cosmetic clinic for Botox, Fillers, Macrolane breast enhancement, Facial Aaesthetics at Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgans leading private cosmetic surgery in South Wales.
    Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

    Our cosmetic clinic offers a range of non-surgical treatments for men and women.

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Injectable Cosmetic Treatments


Injectable cosmetic treatments are used to reduce wrinkles that occur as the skin loses elasticity. Nuffield Health Cardiff and Vale Hospitals offers Injectable Cosmetic treatments in The Vale Hospital, easily accessible from across Cardiff and South Wales.

The Vale Hospital offers these treatments in an environment that you can trust, complying with the highest standards of cleanliness and management of medicines.

Vale Hospital only uses products for injectable cosmetic treatments that have been through the approval process of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency [MRHA]. During your consultation the mode of action of the products and any potential side effects will be discussed with you.

The injectable cosmetic treatment procedure

Nuffield Health Cardiff and Vale Hospitals offers rapid access appointments in the Vale Hospital for your injectable cosmetic treatment. Your aesthetic practitioner will administer the Injectable Cosmetic Treatments to the affected area to meet with best practice standards. Your practitioner will determine where to administer the injections following a full examination of your face muscles and skin.

The Injectable Cosmetic Treatment procedure does not require anaesthesia and is therefore a short procedure with minimal discomfort.

The results of injectable cosmetic treatments

You should notice an improvement in your frown lines within 3-7 days, the effects of which can last up to 4-6 months. However, results may vary depending on the individual and the treatment dose administered.

Following your initial treatment, you can return to the Vale Hospital (located just 15 minutes from Cardiff city centre) to receive further injections every 4-6 months. After repeat treatments, you may see each treatment providing longer lasting results.

Who will perform the injectable cosmetic treatment?

All Nuffield Health Cardiff and Vale Hospitals practitioners are fully trained and registered to administer these treatments. For consistency they use a similar method of treatment.

You have the choice at the time of booking your appointment in regards to who you would like to provide your treatment - a Consultant Surgeon or a Cosmetic Nurse specialist. Both specialists are fully trained and registered to deliver injectable cosmetic treatments, so it is entirely your choice.


The prices for the treatment will vary depending on the number of area's to be treated however you will be advised of the price prior to your treatment. The following prices are for consultant and nurse-led treatment


  • One area: from £240
  • Two areas: from £270
  • Three areas: from £300


  • One area: from £185
  • Two areas: from £240
  • Three areas: from £270

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