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    Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Our exceptional team provide breast enhancements, breast reductions and breast lifts from the Vale Hospital.

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    Breast Reduction Surgery

    Breast reduction surgery re-shapes the breasts and reduces their size.

Breast Reduction: Cosmetics Clinic at Nuffield Health Cardiff and Vale Hospitals

Cosmetic surgery - Breast reduction at Nuffield Health Cardiff and Vale Hospitals, with expert cosmetic surgeonsBreast Reduction

Breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure where a woman's breast are reshaped and reduced in size.  

A breast reduction is generally carried out for women who feel their breasts are too big. This may be simply a question of feeling self-conscious about their size, or it may be that their breasts are causing other problems such as back or shoulder strain.

A breast reduction can also be performed to even out the size of your breast if one is much larger than the other.

Breast Reduction: the procedure

In a breast reduction the excess tissue and skin are removed, which reduces the weight and volume of the breasts. This leaves you with a scar that runs around each nipple, and usually vertically down to the fold beneath the breast, and often horizontally along that fold. The operation usually takes approximately three hours to complete.

Despite the use of small tubes (drains) which are temporarily placed into the breast to collect any blood, sometimes blood can collect underneath the skin and breast tissue. In this case, you may require a second operation to remove the blood clot.

While we try to ensure that the breasts and nipples are symmetrical and as equal in size as possible, there may not be an exact match after surgery. 

Patients who gain weight/become pregnant may notice an increase in breast size.

Male breast reduction (gynaecomastia)

Breat reduction can be performed on men. Some men with large breasts may require male breast reduction surgery, which is a procedure called a gynaecomastia.

Unlike for women, male breast reductions are usually required to flatten the breast area.

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