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  • Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology private clinic at Nuffield Health Cardiff and Vale Hospitals. Including on-site MRI, CT scanner, Mammography, Fluroscopy, Ultrasound and X-ray. Immediate results and diagnostic reporting. Private clinic serving Cardiff, south Glamorgan and all South Wales.
    Diagnostic Imaging

    Our team of specialised radiographers work with consultant radiologists to provide quick diagnoses based on MRI, X-ray and ultrasound.

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MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The Cardiff Bay Hospital is a BUPA accredited MRI site.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a scanning procedure that uses a combination of strong magnetic field, radio waves and a computer to produce detailed pictures of the tissues and organs within the body.

MRI scans are used to examine almost any part of the body, and they are most commonly used at Nuffield Health Cardiff and Vale Hospitals to look at the brain, spinal cord, and to investigate injuries to joints and soft tissue. For sports injuries affecting joints, MRI can identify injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage and bone marrow and can help your consultant decide whether an injury needs surgery.

MRI is considered a very safe procedure. To date there are no known negative effects of being exposed to the magnetic field and radio waves of an MRI scan. MRI has no known side effects on pregnant women. However, the long-term effects of strong magnetic fields on a developing baby are not yet known, so pregnant women are not normally scanned unless absolutely necessary.

If you would like to refer yourself for an MRI scan, you will need a referral letter from your GP or other clinician which can be faxed or e-mailed to us. We are able to offer rapid and convenient appointment times.

MRI scanning (including Breast MRI) is available at the Cardiff Bay Clinic (BUPA accredited).

To enquire about MRI scanning, contact the Nuffield Health Cardiff and Vale Hospitals Radiology / Imaging department on 029 2083 6706.