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Cosmetics Clinic at Nuffield Health Cardiff and Vale Hospitals: Face Lift

Face Lift

As you get older, your facial muscles loosen and your skin becomes less elastic, creating folds and wrinkles. A facelift operation is a cosmetic procedure and can give you a more youthful looking appearance by lifting up the facial skin and tissues and/or the underlying muscle, to make the face tighter and smoother.

Facelifts can vary in complexity of procedure, and can often involve combination procedures including eye-lid surgery (blepharoplasty), botox and filler treatments, and/or neck lift.

The main types of face lift include: 

  • Full (traditional) face-lift
  • MACS (Minimal-access cranial suspension facelift, which is used on smaller areas of face.

A full facelift will usually last for up to 10 years and your face will continue to age naturally.

After having a facelift you will maintain the best results by keeping a stable body weight, looking after your skin, and not smoking. 

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For more information on Facelift procedure details visit the BAAPS website

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